Xperience Consulting

Map and improve the current IT Experience

Xperience Consulting

Interested in our Xperience Consulting? Our Advisory consultants can help you to fully embrace Xperience Management and XLA

Xperience Reference Matrix

How do your KPIs relate to experience? Which XLAs and Xperience Indicators (XIs) do you need to measure this? This program maps out the required combination of KPIs and XIs.

Xperience Measurement

This program maps out for all stakeholders which Xperience Indicators (XIs) are needed to measure experience. The result is a nice set of measurements on an operational, tactical and strategic level.

Xperience Baseline

Do you want to discover what your current state of affairs is when it comes to experience or collaboration? We will investigate your situation to reveal your most promising opportunities for improvement.

Xperience Management Office (XMO)

In order to make Xperience Management and XLA part of your organization you need a dedicated team. We will prepare your team for this challenge and we’ll help you get organized.

What clients say

For us as a service provider, XLA is an excellent catalyst for understanding customers. XLA​‘forces’ us and our customers to determine the moments of truth. With an SLA, you don’t get customers happy; with XLA you do.


The Giarte team guided us in the implementation of the XLA commitment to our customer relationships. The result is a manifest customer promise in​‘the 7i’s of Ictivity’. By living through the 7i’s and stimulating workshops, Giarte showed the importance of soft skills in IT services. The XLA commitment is now the common thread through our full-service provision.


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