Get started with Xperience Level Agreement (XLA)

Giarte helps organizations in the development of their XLA and making performance visible. This is done by giving presentations and workshops.

Presentation XLA: Primer

This presentation provides a primer for a large group of stakeholders on the philosophy and value of XLA’s. The session can be organized for groups ranging from twenty to a couple of hundreds. The presentation invites attendees to think out-of-the-box and look critically at the current service management practices and the use of SLAs. Then, new models for IT delivery and the governance thereof will be introduced.

Workshop: Starting with XLA

The actual creation of XLA is often delegated to a smaller group. The members of this group might e.g. be vendor managers, procurement professionals, delivery managers and service managers responsible for improving the IT services. The workshop introduces the philosophy of working with XLA and what this means for the different roles within the IT organization. A plan is additionally devised to introduce XLA within the organization and make it operational.

Workshop: XLA Creation

During this workshop an actual XLA is created. The workshop can be initiated by an IT-organization, the business or a service provider. The canvas from XLA and a ‘cool wall’ will help to make the user experience visible. Giarte also looks at existing SLAs and the current set of metrics and KPIs. The workshop provides all the needed input for XLA. If desired, it is also possible to extend the scope of the workshop and define a simplified set of experience metrics and business KPIs.

The cost of the presentation/workshop is based upon a short intake. The workshop ‘Starting XLA’ provides an excellent kickstart to push things in the right direction – the new direction that focuses on the end user experience.

Measuring XLA

When XLA is ready and running, the performance of the IT delivery chain is made transparent. The IT organization also collects feedback from end users. Giarte offers ITsat services that help to measure and report on performance from an end user perspective.

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