Evaluation and sentiments

Organizations have for many years told us that the implementation of changes and projects is less smooth than the operation of the existing IT – and this, whilst the pace of changes continues to increase. The change capacity of organizations depends entirely on the successful implementation of IT projects, as the achievement of almost all of the organization’s objectives will involve a substantial IT component. Consequently, in all its projects IT feels the business breathing down its neck.


The implementation of a project pivots on more than solely IT. Each project is surrounded by a cloud of sentiments comprised of the opinions and experiences of all those involved, such as the internal project staff, the stakeholders in the business and external consultants. Sentiment has an influence on the success of a project that is at least as great as the technical quality.

ITsat Services TrAction assists organizations in gaining an insight into the sentiment about all projects. This measurement instruments for projects makes an inventory of confidence in the project, reveals where risks are experienced and identifies negative sentiments for you in good time. This is beneficial to the management of expectations of the project and to the resolution of any bottlenecks, where relevant, before that the associated risks materialzse.


TrAction is an evaluation process for your organization’s most important IT projects carried out in collaboration with an external service provider or otherwise. Once a month, all stakeholders, both within the business and within IT, give their view of the project. They do so by answering a set of questions that Giarte makes readily available to them via the Internet.


The results from each survey can be viewed on the ITsat Insight portal. Each project has a scorecard which shows how all stakeholders responded. This is because the monitoring of strategic initiatives needs to encompass both a review of average scores and, and in particular, a review of exceptions.


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