Road towards Xperience Level Agreement

XLA is more than a document with a few agreements. Working with XLA asks for a new way of thinking and acting. For modern IT organizations it’s natural to think in terms of high tech, but what they need to develop additionally is the concept of high touch.

How does the delivery of IT services touches the experience of end users? Traditional IT organizations think exclusively in technical terms and also manage their relations from this perspective. But the business is not interested in technical stories and services providers are tempted to continue a management based on detailed, technical specifications. The service provider is an expert and should be able to play that part and take its responsibility but it also has to re-invent its role and move from high-tech towards high-touch.

Giarte helps organizations on the road towards XLA. The outcome is different for each organization. We have developed several building blocks that help to create a relevant XLA.

The Cool wall

During initial workshops around XLA, Giarte often uses a cool wall. With the help of many post-its Giarte inventorises what currently is going well and wrong. Also elements that are important to create experiences that lead to satisfied end users are collected. The cool wall helps to make clear why a new way of working is necessary and how XLA can help.

XLA canvas

The canvas helps to define all relevant specific elements that are important to create XLA. Defining these elements are done with a team of professionals. When parts of IT are outsource, it is encouraged to include professionals from the service provider(s).

XLA performance framework

During the creation of XLA a number of metrics and KPIs are selected to make the performance transparent. The performance framework is the bridge between XLA and the reward model of the service provider(s).

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