IT Xperience Monitor

The monitor and source of inspiration for CX

The IT Xperience monitor (ITX) is the annual measurement of the customer experience (CX) of leading and rapidly emerging IT companies in the Dutch B2B market. ITX provides practical insights and inspiration for the continuous improvement of the customer experience. Customer experience is the starting point for sustainable success. How do you make customer experience part of your DNA? ITX is an anchor point and compass for IT companies to make a difference. 

Show success, fuel success

We assess parties with clear classification. We show the market the best in every class. We describe and publish customer cases to provide the market the burden of proof. These stories influence orientation, selection, tenders, and collaboration. Success fuels new success!

Classes of IT companies

ITX sets standards, provides insights and customer experience best practices. ITX focuses on:

  • Business Technology Providers
  • Data Intelligence Providers
  • Software Services Providers
  • Managed Services Providers
  • Interconnected Infrastructure Providers

By independently assessing the customer experience, IT provides a touchstone for the market. Especially now that traditional outsourcing is being replaced with intense collaborations to propel the digital company forward, this information is vital for every decisionmaker.

The bigger market picture

ITX maps more than 40 IT companies in detail. In addition, emerging players are listed based on their growth and market potential. The benchmark is both quantitative (± 1,000 evaluations) and qualitative (in-depth interviews) and is published every summer. We also involve our network of C-level IT managers in the research.

On paper and online

ITX is published both on paper and online. We organize masterclasses, workshops on market opportunities and insights for investors on commercial due diligence. We help the entire market to build better partnerships and simplify performance management.

Benefits come in threefold

A. Better insights into customer experience and opportunities. Getting in-depth customer insights is essential to improve. Feedback is the breakfast for champions: ITX is providing insights for targeted and actionable continuous improvement.

B. Reinforcement of market visibility. ITX puts IT companies on the radar of usual and unusual prospects. By participating, they influence decision-makers and influencers. Our cases studies showcase your successes.

C. Insights for strategy, positioning, and growth. Giarte answers essential questions with presentations and workshops for management boards and private equity firms. What is going on in the market? What in branches? What are new opportunities? We use these insights to sharpen strategies (acquisitions, organic growth, buy-and-build, diversification).

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