Xperience Definition

Welcome to the Experience Economy

The largest taxi company in the world has no taxis, the largest hotel provider does not own any hotel. Still, Uber and Book​ing​.com represent considerable value. In today’s experience economy, the value of the experience often exceeds the value of products and services. Experience management is rapidly becoming the new standard, especially for IT service providers and technology companies. We help them to leap forward in designing and managing the experience. And with that in the experience economy.

Improving starts with connecting

We connect the worlds of user, customer and brand experience (UX, CX, BX). With this we create a solid basis for experience management, involving all key players within the organisation, such as customer operations, sales and account management. Our XLA® approach is at the heart of it all.

You can’t aim blind-folded

The experience economy is all about tangible value for intangible experiences. We implement customized experience indicators (XI) to make the intangible tangible. Together we take analysing operational data (O) and experience data (X) to the next level. We also document how the experience becomes an important factor for long-term growth.

A complete framework

The result? We provide a complete framework for experience management. Plus the grand design for integrated implementation throughout the organization.

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