Challenge an expert to find your answers

A good masterclass from a brilliant jerk” is inspiring, entertaining, and sticky. Many experts talk from their experience and practical examples. We like to flip this around and organise masterclasses with experts who think from the perspective of the audience. That creates knowledge that you can immediately apply in practice. 

Asking the question… is finding the answer

When organizing our masterclasses, we always start by collecting triggering questions throughout the organization. An example… a large organization is moving towards agile working. What does it take to succeed? During the intake someone came up with the key question: what if our leadership culture is the problem?’ We designed the masterclass How to Kill Agile’ with real-life examples of how the leadership team crushes initiatives. During the masterclass, participants defined a new code of conduct to act as Chief Cat Herders.”

Exciting topics

In addition to tailor-made masterclasses, we offer a number of appealing masterclasses about our core expertise: the perfect IT experience.

Launch Like Steve

Apple's product launches have become epic in many ways: from sales records to emotional wow. It's touch, not just tech. Get inspired and learn how to launch products and projects by stepping into the New Balance shoes of Steve.

Win-Win 2.0

Outsourcing needs win-win by design. A sustainable win-win for both sides is the core of this masterclass. Focus on value (output, outcome, and monetizable impact), shared goals, and collaborative KPIs. You learn the design and foster a real win-win.

Designing for WOW

The stickiness of customer and user experience is about emotions. How to design wow in key ITSM processes? How to go from annoyed to enjoyed in CX and UX? This masterclass focuses on the design of WOW in IT.

The Watermelon Game

The watermelon effect occurs when service providers meet their KPIs, but business stakeholders (including the end-users) are not happy. In outsourcing, the risk of watermelon SLAs is a clear and present danger. Learn the art of killing watermelons in this masterclass.

The move forward

We turn masterclasses into tipping points. They are designed to bring about significant change.

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