Boardroom Challenge

Turning customer relations into business opportunities

Uber your business or you get Kodaked!’ 

Trend watchers and tech evangelists love to spit out spicy one-liners. Their stories might inspire, but rarely drive real change. At Giarte, we don’t believe in scaring people into digital disruption. We do believe that technology can change the relationship with your customers for the long term. Especially when developing new customer experiences are at stake. And that requires the attention of the entire organization. 

The customer experience as a killer app”

The demise of Kodak and the rise of Uber are two very different beasts. The technology of digital photography simply overtook traditional film and it didn’t happen overnight. The taxi business wasn’t disrupted by technology, but by convenience. Sure, Uber uses technology, but their customer experience is the real killer app”. The story of Kodak will not hold true for every company, but Uber’s approach will. Change like this often comes quickly and few people see it coming.

Manage innovation top-down and bottom-up

Giarte helps businesses to create the perfect customer experience. Many organizations are holding the bigger part of the killer app” in their hands, without even seeing it themselves. All it takes is a little push, a brainwave or perhaps a healthy conflict to create a breakthrough. We have formats in place to help you:


When markets disrupt, it's not logical to look at past trends and present conditions to extrapolate the future. Instead of forecasting, go for backcasting: define your desirable future (polestar or BHAG) and work backwards to connect that specified future to the present.

Management Offsites

There are only a few opportunities to explore strategic issues in-depth. How do you want to look back on your next offsite? Are you moving the needle? We facilitate offsites with zest.

Paradoxical intervention

Paradoxical interventions shake off entrenched behavior. Applying this form of reverse psychology can change relationships, like in IT outsourcing and digital co-creation. We help to reset relationships to turn them into ‘win-win by design’.

360 degree approach

Giarte stimulates forward thinking with unusual ideas. We approach challenges from a holistic and forward-looking perspective. Together we build new insights in the field of technology and customer experience. Both for organizations that are looking for their role in a world full of technology, as for service providers and technology companies that are chasing their "killer app".

No advice but action points

The report from the previous session? That's probably at the bottom of the drawer on top of all the other reports. Giarte does not write a policy plan. We deliver unconventional stuff that matters: manifestos, purpose statements, breakthrough strategies for scale-ups and frameworks to make relationships more successful.

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