XLA Advisory

Accelerate the adoption of XLA thinking

Business IT is driven by creating value for businesses and users. The Xperience Level Agreement® (XLA) is the best way to make added value tangible and manage it effectively. And the best way to introduce XLA thinking to your organization is to bring in the experts who invented XLA in the first place. 

Work directly with the creators of XLA®

Giarte is the inventor of XLA. We live and breathe this stuff. We put the benefits of XLA into practice, like no-one else. Our XLA Advisory team of consultants is ready to embed XLA in every organization and every project. Gartner puts XLA on their hype cycle for ITSM as on the rise”. We could not have wished for a better compliment. 

Solid three-phase plan

Solid three-phase plan. We have compiled the XLAthinking in our XLA framework. This three-phase plan turns XLA into a concrete, measurable and integrated part of the organization. If needed, we start with an assessment before we get going. Together we lay down the ambitions. And together we build awareness, support and shared goals.

Clear roadmap

The point on the horizon is always the value for the business and the users. That's why we start by truly understanding their needs, challenges and priorities. From the customer experience we work back to what IT has to deliver. Our team develops the roadmap for XLA and helps set up processes, roles and governance. Including the correct KPIs and Xperience Indicators (XIs). As we move along, we train employees to put the customer and user experience where it belongs: first.

Always one step ahead.

Our XLA Advisory team guides organizations to take a significant step forward in the customer and user experience. Employees learn to understand the true impact of IT and to collaborate more intensively on a win-win basis.

Call in the real experts. Contact Giarte.