Break the traditional IT paradigm

Reshape the human experience

Organizing IT from a human perspective needs more than just pressing a button. It starts with rethinking processes, applications and agreements. Each part of the total IT experience is reviewed and re-imagined if necessary. This calls for craftsmanship. And years of experience.

Creating an awesome IT-experience may be an art, but it is not elusive magic. We love creating the new experience for our customers, but we are just as happy to train them to do it themselves. Master the art of a perfect IT experience together with Giarte.

Advisory: Bring on the masters

Giarte has a special team of highly experienced masters waiting for you. They’ll help you map the current IT experience and chart all the underlying agreements with partners as well. Expect not just advise on how the experience can be improved, but also how agreements with partners can meet XLA® standards.

Training: Become a master

The Giarte Academy offers numerous training courses to become a master yourself. Training is a great way to embed the skills in the organization. Creating better experiences evolves into a continuous process. And that is the best guarantee for lasting results.

Become a Xperience Management Master

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Heijmans is a leading Dutch company in property development, construction, and infrastructure. But building a thriving IT ecosystem turned out to be a whole different ball game.

The challenge

Babylonian confusion upstream

What the IT organization laid down in Service Level Agreements (SLAs) did not resonate in the business organization. It caused a further Babylonian confusion upstream to the service provider for workplace management, infrastructure, and user support. Heijmans wanted a breakthrough solution and reached out to Giarte.

The solution

A better user experience & increased efficiency

Effective performance management in outsourcing is about positive reinforcement. The service provider has to be motivated to do the right thing. Heijmans embraced XLA® as the right thing for the business. The first out of the five experience indicators (XI) we designed was No Hassle,’ indicating how much effort it took a user to get something done from the service provider. Too much hassle reveals that there is something wrong with your underlying processes. We combined No Hassle’ scores with underlying data to eliminate causes of irritation. It kills two birds with one stone: a better user experience and increased efficiency. Other XI’s are overall satisfaction on IT, First Time Right (FTR), and First Contact Fix (FCF). With FTR, everything gets done the right way for the user the first time, and FCF shows that the service desk itself is capable of solving problems.

The result

Moving the digital transformation

Thanks to XLA®, Heijmans’ IT organization shared the same mindset as their counterparts in the business. This proved to be a condition for moving the digital transformation of the company along. The number of incidents dropped, Lean IT was kick-started, and the user satisfaction improved to a firm 8 (on a scale of 1 to 10).

What clients say

For us as a service provider, XLA is an excellent catalyst for understanding customers. XLA forces’ us and our customers to determine the moments of truth. With an SLA, you don’t get customers happy; with XLA you do.

Emile Stam, COO Open Line

The Giarte team guided us in the implementation of the XLA commitment to our customer relationships. The result is a manifest customer promise in the 7i’s of Ictivity’. By living through the 7i’s and stimulating workshops, Giarte showed the importance of soft skills in IT services. The XLA commitment is now the common thread through our full-service provision.

Wilbert van Beek, CEO Ictivity