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Giarte uses its leading and independent Outsourcing Performance benchmark study to research the quality of the relationship between IT outsourcers and their IT service providers. Every year, Giarte contacts client organizations for information about their experience with service providers. Sourcing executives state their opinion in an online survey. Supplementary interviews enable Giarte to obtain information about the background to the scores and offer outsourcers an opportunity to ask questions. The objective of this research is not to call service providers ‘to account’, but rather to improve transparency in the market. This transparency is necessary to open the relationship to discussion and initiate any necessary improvements.


The research examines three service domains: Application Management, Infrastructure Management and End User Management. Service providers can be awarded a satisfaction score in each domain provided that sufficient outsourcers have responded with an evaluation. The study also, for example, reveals the extent to which clients are giving consideration to the existing contracts and the probability that they will call in their service provider to carry out supplementary work (increase in the share of wallet). Giarte introduced its Outsourcing Recommendation Score (ORS) in 2007. Nowadays, the Dutch IT outsourcing market regards the ORS as a market index that defines the success of a service provider.

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The study offers outsourcers an objective insight into the IT outsourcing market which they can use for optimum substantiation of their sourcing strategy. The study provides IT service providers a meticulous and objective insight into important issues to the client that they can use to optimize their services.

Giarte publishes the most important conclusions from the benchmark study in the annual Outsourcing Performance Yearbook. Up-to-date detailed information about the performance of individual IT service providers is available from Outsourcing Performance, an interactive portal packed with benchmark data.



Outsourcing Performance carries out annual analyses of the IT outsourcing market. Every year, service providers can decide whether they wish to take part in the study in that year. Our prospective contains information about the various options and the conditions. Would you like to receive a copy of the prospectus, or are you interested in more information? If so, call or mail us.

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