Outsourcing Performance

Since 2002 Giarte maps organization’s experiences with their IT service providers are with the independent Outsourcing Performance study . Every year 1.000 relations are evaluated by (outsourcing) organizations by asking them about their option on their IT service provider’s performances.

Outsourcing Performance – for IT service providers

The results from the Outsourcing Performance benchmark study have for many years demonstrated that a satisfied client is loyal and outsources more within the existing relationship. For this reason, an insight into the provider’s group of clients forms the best basis for every growth strategy.

Giarte’s linking of the data and interviews from the benchmark study with each other enables us to assist every service provider by interpreting trends in terms of reality at the workplace. The study makes a distinction between Infrastructure Management, End User Management and Application Management.

What are the decision-makers’ plans, what do they think is important and what is their opinion of the relationship with their service provider? Outsourcing Performance yields insights that are not revealed by regular satisfaction surveys. As a result, they offer an excellent second opinion alongside other research.

For this reason service providers use Outsourcing Performance studies as input for business development, strategy development and improvements to existing client relationships.

IT service providers taking part in Outsourcing Performance gain access to a wealth of information. This information is accessible via the annual report, which contains all the details about the market, and internal presentations. Giarte also provides support for sales and account management with information about trends and development on the demand side of the market.

Participation in the study offers service providers the following benefits:

  • Insights into the perceptions of the service provider’s client group with respect to their recommendation willingness, satisfaction, commercial position and performance of the collaboration.
  • Insight into the service provider’s position of the market relative to peers in the market.
  • A check on the clients’ perception of clients of the service in the form of interviews conducted by an independent party.
  • An annual review of the service provider’s performance that offers input for discussions with existing clients about points for improvement and information that can be used to convince prospects.
  • A profile in the most read outsourcing report on the Dutch IT outsourcing market and a profile at www.outsourcingperformance.nl
  • Presentations and sessions with delivery professionals who provide information, inspiration and support in putting client service at the center.
  • Support in the adoption and substantiation of the service provider’s growth strategy on the basis of the latest market insights.

The following service providers already make use of Giarte’s services and benefit from Outsourcing Performance in improving their position in the market.

Outsourcing Performance – for outsourcers

Outsourcers wrestling with their IT service providers often ask us: ”Are we the only ones with these problems?” Organizations that outsource their IT and take part in the Outsourcing Performance study broaden their insights into the situation in the Dutch outsourcing market. They gain knowledge and, as a participant, also give feedback to the market. This is to everyone’s benefit.

Participation in the study offers outsourcers the following benefits:

  • Insight into the satisfaction with the relationship with the IT service providers and with their performance
  • Verifiable, public reviews of the performance that offer outsourcers input for discussions with service providers about points for improvement
  • Insights into the strengths and weaknesses of alternative service providers
  • A thorough, up-to-date insight into the Dutch IT outsourcing market
  • Insights into developments, pitfalls and challenges in both the contract and technology elements of the IT outsourcing market
  • Exclusive attendance at the Outsourcing Performance Day, at which knowledge and experience are shared
  • Access to presentations and workshops based on the Outsourcing Performance research results which offer outsourcers opportunities to refresh or enhance their relationships

Outsourcers taking part in the Outsourcing Performance benchmark study are invited to the Outsourcing Performance Day and receive a copy of the Outsourcing Performance Yearbook.

The research section of the Outsourcing Performance Yearbook contains an explanation of the research results and profiles of each of the participating service providers. The knowledge section contains cases, interviews and analyses of best practices and experiences with IT outsourcing.

Giarte does not offer guidance in selection programs and does not carry out any deal-making activities. Giarte does hold presentations and workshops based on the Outsourcing Performance research results. These presentations and workshops can help you in refreshing your current outsourcing strategy or in giving a new impetus to your sourcing strategy.


Take part in Outsourcing Performance!

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