Cloud Sourcing 2016

For years Cloud is the number one buzzword in IT. This creates the impression that every organization could make fast profit by migration to the cloud. It is very tempting for provides of IT services to join this trend, but behind the label ‘Cloud’ there is a big world with immense differences and complexity. To a customer, the massive supply is confusing and unclear.

man-wolk-ill-640x800Cloud Sourcing 2016: Giarte’s cloud survey

IT decision-makers have a need for objective, reliable information they can use to compare cloud solutions. Providers of cloud services benefit from explicit positioning and a source of information prospects trust. For this reason, in 2015 Giarte started a major survey designed to map the positioning of and the cloud services offered by service providers. The profiles of the service suppliers are published both online and in a book, together with relevant articles about sourcing cloud services. In compiling this publication Giarte meets the demand for the information required for decision-making. The project includes market research among Dutch IT outsourcing clients. The objective of the research is to provide an insight into cloud-sourcing experience and to draw up an overview of the manner in which IT outsourcers are exploring the IT service providers’ cloud propositions.


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