OP Services

Giarte’s Outsourcing Performance services provide an insight into the supply side of the IT outsourcing market. Giarte provides an insight into the various types of services, providers and – above all – their quality as experienced by clients. Giarte measures this in umbrella studies of the entire market. The perceptions of the quality of individual client-supplier relationships are also measured and reported.


Outsourcing Performance

Since 2002 Giarte maps organization’s experiences with their IT service providers are with the independent Outsourcing Performance study . Every year 1.000 relations are evaluated by (outsourcing) organizations by asking them about their option on their IT service provider’s performances.

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Cloud Sourcing 2016

For years Cloud is the number one buzzword in IT. This creates the impression that every organization could make fast profit by migration to the cloud. It is very tempting for provides of IT services to join this trend, but behind the label ‘Cloud’ there is a big world with immense differences and complexity. To a customer, the massive supply is confusing and unclear.

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