OP research method

The Outsourcing Performance research is a benchmark study, compounded from a combination of qualitative and quantitative research. The quantitative part contains a online research to outsourcing organizations, in which data is collected about the performance of the client – provider relations. The qualitative research contains interviews with the outsourcing organizations. This data is collected every second quarter of each year.

We at Giarte have our own database with information about Dutch organizations and their relationships with service providers. Giarte requests information about outsourcing contracts from both outsourcers and service providers. Giarte also consults press releases, client cases, references and other sources of information to keep the database up to date. The emphasis is placed on the top 250 Dutch organizations and the service providers most of these organizations use.

The respondents (in the Netherlands) work at organizations that outsource some of their IT activities: CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, CPOs, COOs, CFOs, VPs outsourcing, procurement and vendor managers.


Participation in the study is exclusively by personal invitation. Participation is voluntary and anonymous. The participation of a service provider and the associated publication of the results is not conditional on a commercial relationship between Giarte and the service provider. Service providers who receive sufficient assessments are always included in the results.

Giarte is open about the research method we use, the number of respondents, the composition of the research population (although we always guarantee the anonymity of the participants) and our processing of the data.


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