What is OP?

Outsourcing Performance is the annual comparative study of the quality of the relationships between client organizations (outsourcers) and their external service providers. The annual Outsourcing Performance benchmark study was launched in 2002. OP measures the perception on the client side of the market, among the senior management such as CIOs and vendor managers. Service providers need information about the opinion of client organizations to improve themselves and the relationship with the client. Clients can also learn from OP best practices and cases. Giarte, in continuation of the research and analyses, supports both clients and providers who wish to elevate their cooperation to a higher level.


OP Services

Giarte’s Outsourcing Performance services provide an insight into the supply side of the IT outsourcing market. Giarte provides an insight into the various types of services, providers and – above all – their quality as experienced by clients. Giarte measures this in umbrella studies of the entire market.

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Outsourcing Performance

Giarte uses its leading and independent Outsourcing Performance benchmark study to research the quality of the relationship between IT outsourcers and their IT service providers. Every year, Giarte contacts client organizations for information about their experience with service providers. Sourcing executives state their opinion in an online survey.

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OP research method

The Outsourcing Performance research is a benchmark study, compounded from a combination of qualitative and quantitative research. The quantitative part contains a online research to outsourcing organizations, in which data is collected about the performance of the client – provider relations. The qualitative research contains interviews with the outsourcing organizations. This data is collected every second quarter of each year.

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