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Outsourcing is a market in which trust forms a base for all future decision making. As perception research – the study asks about decision makers’ opinions – the primary goal is to provide service providers of realistic and unfiltered feedback about their client relationships. This is important because the quality of the relation has a predictive value of growth potential.


Outsourcing Performance studies are based on a long history: Giarte will conduct the fourteenth study in 2016. As the IT outsourcing market is changing so rapidly, Giarte has adopted the principle that forecasts are of greater value than comprehensive historical reviews. For this reason changes have been implemented every year since the study began to obtain a good insight into the changing market conditions and to track best practices.

Giarte continually posts the latest insights from the benchmark study on the website, which you can also readily compare with each other. The website also offers you comprehensive profiles of the service providers included in the benchmark study.


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