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Founders of the Xperience Level Agreement (XLA)

Next to conducting groundbreaking research on IT-related experience, Giarte is the driving force behind a growing movement called Xperience Level Agreement, XLA, that is winning praise and buy-in from more and more companies.

What is XLA?

XLA is a powerful new addition to the traditional IT Service Level Agreement (SLA). One that builds on the SLA concept by measuring sentiment and using this to break down silos and think and act from the perspective of a user. Giarte’s proprietary XLA methodology enables IT departments to design human-centric technology and processes.

Great IT Experience = Happy Employees = Positive Business Impact

We believe that Positive Business Impact comes from having Happy Employees who enjoy a great IT Experience. It includes higher profits, improved customer satisfaction, lower employee churn, lower recruitment costs, a higher net promoter score and so on.

We believe in this formula because research shows that how people feel about a product or service often outweighs what they know about it. Experience builds up over time and shapes our opinions, decisions and actions.

SLAs measure deliverables

SLAs measure outputs – in IT’s case deliverables like reliability, availability, scalability, costs and skills. Basically, pre-determined quality and efficiency indicators. The trouble with this is that these deliverables may mean nothing to me, the end-user. A network uptime of 99% may meet a Service Level Agreement, but I don’t care if it’s 100% down, I just need it to work when I need it.

In that case, it has failed to meet my experience expectations, which are that I need it to work when I need it to work, and I don’t care about the rest.

XLAs measure impact

So, we need something that measures intangible IT outcomes – IT impact – like customer delight, the effectiveness of self-help, how supported I feel to do my job and whether the IT infrastructure helps me solve my problems. Plus, what IT does for time to market, business resilience, productivity, supply chain responsiveness, and employee experience. These are the things that transform IT from a set of products and services with abstract KPIs, into personal experiences and business enablers.

And before you ask, we’re not advocating scrapping SLAs. We’re advocating adding to them with a methodology and set of tools that are designed for the experience measurement challenge: the Xperience Level Agreement

Our Experience Management Solutions

Our experts design tools and models that help organizations to improve business impact and enhance the teamwork in their IT ecosystem. Engage with skilled and expert instructors to learn the art and science of experience and how XLAs are changing the way we design and manage technology.

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