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Het verhaal van Giarte

Al 15 jaar is Giarte een toonaangevend onderzoeks- en adviesbureau op het gebied van experience in IT. Wij werken samen met technologiebedrijven, publieke organisaties en grote ondernemingen, zowel binnen als buiten Nederland. We maken tastbaar wat telt in zakelijke IT: klanttevredenheid, gebruikerservaring en wederzijds vertrouwen.

Founders van XLA

Giarte is grondlegger van het innovatieve Xperience Level Agreement. XLA is een krachtige, nieuwe toevoeging aan de traditionele IT Service Level Agreement (SLA). Een die voortbouwt op het SLA-concept door menselijk sentiment te meten, hiermee silo's te doorbreken en te denken en te handelen vanuit het perspectief van een gebruiker.

IT Xperience Monitor

In Nederland staan ​​we bekend om de IT Xperience Monitor: het jaarlijkse, onafhankelijke onafhankelijk onderzoek naar klanttevredenheid bij outsourcing. Klanten van ruim 40 IT-bedrijven nemen deel aan deze uitgebreide audit. De IT Xperience monitor (ITX) is een waardevolle benchmark en trendrapportage in de Nederlandse IT-markt.

Onze oplossingen

Iedereen in IT zou de kunst van een perfecte IT-ervaring moeten beheersen. Daarom helpen we bedrijven hun organisatie op verschillende manieren te veranderen.

Ontmoet ons

Marco Gianotten


Favorite saying: “Do or do not. There’s no try.” Sharp. Disruptive. Pioneer of the Experience Revolution. Likes to speak at home and abroad. Pushes change into overdrive with compelling arguments to act.

Karel Helsen

Chief operating officer

Favorite saying: “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” Gives direction to Giarte's growth. Led several large companies. Knows like nobody else what is really going on in the business.

Linda van 't Klooster

Head of Research

Favorite saying: “Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.” Responsible for Giarte's Insights branch. Combines her years of research experience and broad background in the IT market for actionable insights for continuous improvement.

Anke van de Kerkhof

Senior Strategy Consultant

Favorite saying: “We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars.” Anke is our Curly Consultant. She has a background in ITSM and is devoted to improving the user and employee experience. She is connecting the dots in tech and touch. She works with our clients to embrace XLA. While keeping her curls on fleek.

Rinia Verschoor

Office Manager

Favorite saying: “Who run the world? GIRLS!” Rinia is our raging rocket. Engaging passionately with our clients and co-workers to make sure our office is a happy-place. She is our Jackelyn of all trades: finding an answer to all of your questions.

Misha Weber


Favorite saying: "No llores porque ya se terminó, sonríe porque sucedió.” (Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened). Misha has traveled through almost every country in Latin America. His experience abroad has helped him to develop the ability to connect with people from varied backgrounds quite easily. His main goal is to improve the connection with clients as much as possible in order to make them feel like they’re not treated as a number but as individuals.

Justin Mensah

Junior Consultant

Favorite saying: “Hard work pays off.” Probably the best-dressed office tiger there is. A star when it comes to connecting the dots in a complex analytical consulting engagement. He always takes initiative so there is a pretty fair chance the task is already done before the client notices anything has to be done. Very easy to talk to.

Rob Herings

Xperience Management Trainer

Favorite saying: "Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world". Rob is our tech & train sensei. He has trained both CEO's and Interns, in about every country you can imagine: South-Africa, India, Iceland, the USA, Japan, Australia, the United Arab Emirates. To name a few. He is what we call a real Globetrotter. Besides training, his true passion lies with outdoor climbing and exploring mountains.

Teresa Morins

Business Intelligence Specialist

Favorite saying: "Beauty may be dangerous but intelligence is lethal". Dexterous with data. Ingenious with climate science. Inventive when it comes to designing. When she is not constructing dashboards, she designs and fabricates her own furniture. To her, data reads like a novel: numbers are unknown and chaotic in the beginning but change into familiar characters once you figure out the story behind them.

Hester Kreuzen


Favorite saying: "There is no certainty, there is only adventure." A bachelor's degree in psychobiology. A master's degree in psychology. Specialized in brain and cognition. Safe to say that Hester is a sucker for everything concerning human behavior. Swings around to beats from the 2010's while being a female Sigmund Freud. Loves game nights with friends and long walks in nature.

Marsha Muller

Manager Marketing

Favorite saying: "Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from anyone else.” Marsha is our sporty senior manager marketing mom with 15 years of experience in marketing. She is passionate about branding, User Xperience, digital innovation and IT. Marsha is a real social animal and can be found on the slopes of Austria several times a year – including the après ski. Next to her love for skiing, she plays tennis and every weekend, you can find her supporting her kids during their hockey and football games.

Karen Noorda

Xperience Management Trainer & Consultant

Favorite saying: “Celebrate your celebrations." Karen is a cheerful, energetic, and adventurous all-rounder within Giarte. She is part of the consulting team, focusing on Customer Xperience. In the future, she will develop and give trainings for our XLA Academy. Karen is a creative person: from interior design and painting to ceramics – she does it all. She has a special gift, namely reading books very quickly. In addition to being creative and having a special gift, Karen values her family and friends.

Rumy Kanis

Head of Academy

Favorite saying: " Change is the end result of all true learning.” Rumy sets direction to all educational activities of the XLA Academy as the Head of Academy. She is strong willed, open minded and passionate about diversity and inclusion and she speaks 5 languages! Next to a true linguist, Rumy is a jack of all trades, she is a real family woman, a kitchen queen and she loves spending time in her garden cultivating her not-so-green fingers.

Tina Glasner

Senior Methodologist

Favorite saying: " If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one”. Tina is our analytical genius. Her skills are an excellent fit for her role as Senior Methodologist. She is a creative and quick thinker and is very solution oriented. Tina helps the research department with the further development of questionnaires and other research methods and plays a major role in the continuous improvement of Giarte’s quantitative and qualitative data analysis. Tina likes spending time with her friends and family. She also loves consuming culture: from theater to comedy, and from concerts to exhibitions.

Philippe te Wierik

Marketing & Communications Specialist

Favorite saying: "The artist must train not only his eye, but also his soul”. As our Communications & Marketing Specialist he is involved in various forms of media usage. Managing our social media channels, graphic design, copywriting, internal and external communication, he loves it all. Philippe is creative, adventurous and open-minded, which is reflected in his love for art, reading and mountains.

Tom de Gruijter


Favorite saying: "It’s a matter of perspective”. Tom is a real team-player and has a passion for efficiency, as such he is a perfect fit for his role as Researcher. He helps his research team by processing and presenting results, and by ensuring that the intended automation of ITX research runs smoothly. As a friendly and social individual Tom loves to play various kinds of games in his free time, and keeps himself in shape by doing yoga.

Adi Hargash

Learning Experience Designer

Favorite saying: " To truly know the world, look deeply within your own being; to truly know yourself, take real interest in the world”. In her role as Learning Experience Designer Adi is responsible for designing and improving our training courses and leading the user research for the XLA Academy. Adventurous and daring as she is, she loves to spend time camping and hiking with her family in nature. In the free time that is left Adi likes to get lost in reading, especially diaries and autobiographies.

Rob van der Schaaf

BI Specialist

Favorite saying: "Hoy llueve, pero mañana hay sol” (Today it rains, but tomorrow there is sun). He is honest, spontaneous and – as you may expect from his quote – has a passion for the Spanish language and shaking his hips. Rob is our dedicated Business Intelligence (BI) Specialist and responsible for account management, ETL processing and dashboard design. In his weekends he often heads into nature to go bird-watching or uses his exceptional logic skills to play chess.


Ons Flow Houthavens-gebouw is ontworpen om mensen in de flow-staat te krijgen — de mentale ruimte waar u uw beste werk doet. Het is een ander soort kantoor. Er zijn plekken om te netwerken, te disconnecten en te connecten.

Ons gebouw

Er is een locatie op het dak met evenementen die net zo stimulerend zijn als het uitzicht; een relaxte lobbylounge met een keuken voor gastkoks en voor het delen van kook- en amusementservaringen; en een achtergrond van verbluffend grafische LED-wanden.

De Flow

Daglicht, buitendekken, klimaatplafonds en responsieve intelligente systemen zorgen voor comfort. In tegenstelling tot andere kantoorgebouwen begrijpt Flow dat je moet ontspannen om de beste resultaten te krijgen. Omarm de stroom en zie hoe uw bedrijf floreert.


Giarte Hoofdkantoor
De Flow – 5de verdieping
Moermanskkade 620
1013 BC Amsterdam

Bel ons: +31 20 622 3444
Mail ons: info@giarte.com