ITsat Bespoke

Organizations that used ITsat can also use its power outside of the IT domain. Giarte delivers custom made solutions under the name of ITsat Bespoke. If you require insights based on feedback from the organization, we will design a program to receive this.

omslag_2IT is not the sole function within many organizations that measures satisfaction or wishes to measure specific satisfaction. Staff departments such as Finance and HR also wish to gain an insight into opinions about their service provision. A number of our clients now make use of the experience they have acquired in satisfaction measurements in the IT domain in other domains. We now, for example, not only measure satisfaction with the IT department for one of our clients but also conduct periodic stakeholder surveys for them to assess opinions on the performance of another staff department.

Giarte’s ITsat Bespoke offers a customized solution, tailored to the required insights, that supplements the existing ITsat services. This offers you the benefit that all measurements make use of the same source files. As a result, all reports relate to precisely the same organizational structure. Moreover, in the event of any modifications to the structure all reports are immediately based on the new structure.

It is also possible to harmonize the invitations to the various measurements with each other. This makes sure that members of staff never receive a number of invitations for different studies in the same week. We process the insights in reports. All reports can be accessed from the same portal. Rights to access the various types of reports can be assigned at individual level. Obviously, you can then specify any restrictions you require, such as the limitation of access to data for one function, one region, one country or one service provider.

Giarte does not make use of an expensive licence model in which a separate licence is required to work in the analytics portal.


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