Experience as a KPI

The effectiveness of your IT services depends entirely on its use by the staff. Consequently, the perception of the end users had a great influence on the determination of the condition of your IT systems. A range of organizations can make use of ITsat to gain insight into the quality of their individual IT services. To measure is to know and with this knowledge you can mange on result.

Knowledge of satisfaction = measurement of productivity

Every organization strives to improve the IT services and applications it uses. This is no more than logical, as IT has a continually increasing influence on staff productivity: dissatisfaction results in lower productivity, whilst satisfaction gives a boost. For this reason, user experience of IT services and applications always serve as the basis the implementation of specific improvements. Consequently, experience literally constitutes a Key Performance Indicator – Experience as a KPI.

As staff productivity is determinative, the IT organization needs to focus on productivity. Better and more usable IT ensures that the staff can work better. ITsat is the solution that ensures that ‘the Voice of the Customer’ is heard and provides an insight to the management. ITsat reveals the perceptions of the internal IT clients. ITsat offers smarter, more frequent measurements of these experiences. ITsat then converts the results from these measurements into action-oriented reports.

IT optimisation transcends technical metrics

Mature IT organizations usually know how efficiently their systems are running. However, IT organizations are less aware of their staff’s experience with the systems, as the clients of centralized IT departments are both varied and dispersed. They are divided between various user groups, business units and even countries. ITsat assists organizations – especially organizations with complex demand-supply environments – to manage on satisfaction.

The good optimization of IT extends beyond technical metrics. ITsat offers an insight into and control of soft metrics. This in turn offers a grip on IT management, vendor management and the SPOC. This grip can then be interpreted in terms of agreements as laid down in the various SLAs and OLAs. These agreements can be employed across the board, for both external contacts with suppliers and service providers and internal contacts with business departments and divisions. Giarte is familiar with the outsourcing world and provides better management options based on higher user satisfaction.

Our ITsat measurement instrument does not entail a one-off operation: it encompasses a complete approach to measuring, reporting and improving user satisfaction. ITsat yields one version of the truth that all those involved in your organisation can use to get cracking. ITsat then offers you the following:

  • One global process for the entire organization
  • Continual measurements
  • Specific questions for all IT users and types of users
  • A benchmark for comparisons of your results with the market


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