Clear Dashboards

Information-overload is a phenomenon of which IT suffers. Giarte will provide clear insights by offering clear dashboards. These interactieve dashboards show you online the results of the ITsat services. Also, the corresponding analytic applications are online available through the analyse portal Giarte Insight. All dashboards allow you to create specific selections of the data and filter results based on relevant features.

You can configure access to the dashboards: safe, personal and reliable. Who has access to which summaries and insights? On logging in, each person is displayed an individual selection of dashboards, reports and data levels. This enables you to tailor access to the results for a specific division, country or even service provider.

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Obviously, these online reports also offer your organization opportunities for in-house analyses. You can use the graphical interface to specify which end users have access to the report portal without needing to take other administrative actions. This is feasible as the access you wish to configure is implemented with an email sent automatically to the selected user. The recipients activate their accounts with the password of their choice, when the report portal, via the SAML protocol, connects to external authentication systems. As a result, you grant access to the Giarte Insight Portal and the reports via your in-house Single Sign-On solution.

In addition to the portals, Giarte also offers you the ITsat Action Client: a specific application that you can use to visualize the measured end user satisfaction. The visualization achieved with this client software provides improved support for analyses, which in turn contributes to insights and to further analyses. ITsat Action Client offers you simple access to results that you can then view, analyze or download. You can then display the scores on a map of the world that enables you to compare the actual results with the specified targets. Color codes for each country indicate which targets have been achieved (green), nearly achieved (orange) or not achieved by a wide margin (red). Obviously, you can also carry out analyses of the results on the basis of other characteristics, for example by division, user group, supplier or resolution group.


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