ITsat Business Application Monitor

The effectiveness of your staff is largely dependent on the quality of individual business applications. An aggregate satisfaction score for all applications often gives inadequate insights for improvements, especially when organizations use many applications. Organizations wishing to acquire a more in-depth insight into applications can rely on the Business Application Monitoring. This monitor works on top of the ITsat Enterprise Edition that maps the perception of the IT organization as a whole.

70This measurement instrument offers you an opportunity to conduct continual evaluations of staff IT experience in more depth, at the level of business applications. End users are asked specific questions about the functionality, availability and response times of the most important applications. The answers to these questions assist you in the improvement of the development and administration of these critical applications.

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The monitor offers you rich analyses that record the characteristics of each user and the user’s evaluations. You can then view specific experiences with the various properties of IT applications of your choice at detail level. You can, for example, review the variation in the effectiveness of a specific application used by various business divisions or user groups. Measuring and becoming familiar with nuances of this nature is required to identify the cause of problems and implement specific improvements.

The ITsat Business Application Monitor is available in a number of models and designs.


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