ITsat Services

ITsat collects the users’ experience with their IT services for you. This feedback enables the IT organization to learn to look inwards from outwards. As a result, the user rather than the IT is put in the center. Feedback is essential to the creation of a closed the plan-do-act-check cycle that pivots on continual service improvements. Giarte supplies a number of ITsat services that enable you to collect systematic, continual feedback from the user organisation.



Business Stakeholder Research

Your IT organization can achieve an effective performance only when the relations with the business are good, as IT’s role is to support the business objectives. Giarte‚Äôs Business Stakeholder Research provides your IT organization actionable input from the business. The results from these measurements can be analyzed in depth and then communicated clearly to the business.

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ITsat Migration Monitor

The end user often stands at the bottom of the list of priorities in a migration. Although that certainly won’t be your intention, it’s often the way it turns out. You can avoid this by reversing the list. Put the experiences of the end user at the center of every migration program. This enables you to limit the impact of a major migration – fewer lost production hours, less frustration and the avoidance of damage to the image of the IT organization. These undesirable side-effects can play a particularly large role in major migrations throughout the entire organization, such as the roll-out of new workplaces in several countries or at a number of locations.

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