IT Xperience Monitor

The monitor and source of inspiration for customer experience in IT

ITX Monitor

The IT Xperience Monitor (ITX) is the annual survey of customer service experience of leading and rapidly emerging IT companies in the Dutch market. The ITX Monitor is not only the leading market analysis on Customer Experience (CX) among Dutch IT companies, but also a collection of hundreds of good practices and a source of inspiration. The ITX Monitor is a compass for IT companies that want to make a difference. 

Every year, Giarte publishes the results of the ITX Monitor in the ITX Yearbook. Besides the most important research results, you can also find a selection of articles, analyses and customer cases. All research information and articles can be found at itx​.gia​rte​.com.

Mapping the Dutch IT market

Every year, the ITX Monitor maps over forty IT companies in detail. Based on their growth and market potentional, emerging players are also identified. With more than a thousand evaluations, the research is both quantitative and qualitative, thanks to in-depth interviews with customers. C-level IT executives are involved in the survey.

Who can participate in the ITX Monitor?

In order to establish clear standards, insights and best practices, it is very important to distinguish between different types of IT services. The ITX Monitor is open to IT companies active in providing services to customers and clients in the Netherlands in one or more of the following categories:

  • Data Center & Infra Services: Provision of data center infrastructure with cross connects and interconnection services with other data centers and hyperscalers; companies with their own data centers fall into this category, as do IT companies that lease capacity from independent data centers.
  • Managed Services: Implementation, management, support and improvement of IT systems to optimally support customers’ daily operations.
  • Software Services: Development of applications and digital products and/or functional management of software for end customers or Independent Software Vendors (ISV).
  • Data Intelligence: Development and supply of advanced data solutions such as data lakes, data lifecycle management, Business Intelligence (BI), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) to optimize customers’ operations.
  • Technology & Business: Co-creative implementation of advanced cloud solutions to help customers innovate or update business processes and/or models.

ITX Monitor event 2022

In September, Giarte published ITX Monitor 2022. The ITX yearbook with the theme “The Future is Now” was presented at our annual event in 't Spant! in Bussum.

Why participate?

1. Better insight into customer experience and opportunities

The survey results help IT companies improve their service provision and differentiate themselves more effectively. 

2. Greater visibility to prospects

Participating increases your company’s visibility to prospects. ITX participation shows that you dare to be vulnerable, are transparent about customer experience and receptive to feedback. 

3. Starting point for effective dialogue aimed at continuous improvement

The survey results act as a verifiable, public performance review, offering IT companies and their clients a starting point for the discussion of possible improvements. 

4. Strategy and positioning inspiration

The ITX encourages self-reflection and foresight. What are the current market trends? What challenges are there? How are other companies addressing these? These insights serve to further refine your focus. 

Honest and transparent

By comparing parties as fairly as possible by using a clear classification, we provide a transparent map of the top companies in the Dutch IT landscape. Our customer cases impact the way outsourcers orientate the market, select partners and set up tenders. By increasing transparency, we help both outsourcers and IT companies realize the best partnerships in IT services.

On paper and online

The ITX Yearbook is published on paper and online. We organize master classes, workshops on market opportunities and give investors insights on commercial due diligence. In this way, we help the entire market to improve collaborations and simplify performance management.

Are you interested in participating in the annual survey of customer experience in enterprise IT? Contact Linda van t Klooster, Head of Research, for more information.