From gut feeling to real UX insights


The Watermelon Problem

Do your customers complain about your IT systems, services, and support even when the ‘KPI lights’ on your dashboard are flashing green? Then you may have a watermelon problem. You know, green on the surface but red underneath. These are false-positive indicators that distract from adding value to the business. Giarte has developed a way to get rid of these watermelons. It's called Amaze.

What is Amaze?

Based on Giarte's XLA methodology, Amaze is a practical, hands-on tool to measure the feelings, failings, perceptions, and expectations that together form end-user experience. And it does it based on hard numbers, not assumptions and assumptions. Amaze has a fundamental and positive impact on IT performance and changes the way organizations think about IT delivery.

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Why Amaze

Happy employees pave the way for more satisfied customers, and IT is key to making this happen. Amaze helps to discover the value drivers of an excellent experience with IT. The Amaze insights show which buttons IT needs to press to make the employees more satisfied, engaged, and productive.

Fully integrated in ITSM

Amaze is available as an official app for the hugely popular ServiceNow®platform. Through this tight integration, Amaze can use ServiceNow’s advanced ticketing and resolution workflow to implement granular, data-driven experience measurements. We provide standard surveys and experience indicators (XIs) for almost all domains within ITSM, from omnichannel support to application management. Our strong point is combining the subjective user experience data with the hard ITSM data for optimal insight. With this cross-over, we provide insights for continual service improvement (CSI).

Positive impact on IT Performance

Happy employees pave the way to more satisfied customers. IT holds the key to making this possible. Employees are completely dependent on IT, from their digital workplace to critical business applications.

Start measuring how your employees really feel

Employees are completely dependent on IT, from their digital workplace to critical business applications.

Actionable Insights

Amaze measurements do not only focus on the quality of the IT tools and services (Output) but also on the added value of IT (Outcome). This multi-level focus helps employees provide meaningful feedback and stakeholders objectively evaluate the true value of IT to the business.

The Amaze methodology uses over-time metrics to measure overall experience with IT resources. It also uses in-time (trigger) surveys to measure incidental experiences with specific IT tools and services. This approach provides holistic insights to the business from multiple angles and interaction moments with IT.

Out of the box. Or custom made

Amaze is a turnkey survey management solution, pre-packaged with intuitive dashboards and templates based on XLA. Do you need more? Not a problem. Amaze can be fully customized to fit the needs of any organization. Amaze uncovers deep-felt perceptions and turns them into actionable data.

We create dashboards that allow you to track the development of the user experience per week, per month, every quarter, per country, per region, or worldwide. Amaze also offers a correlation analysis to explain why the overall experience is going up or down. We can calculate which buttons to push to improve people’s experiences and advise which experience indicators (XIs) matter most.

Why Amaze?


Use dynamic surveys to measure IT experience, based on proven methodology and more than a decade of continuous research.


Get detailed insights into both what your employees want and your business needs with our smart dashboards.


Identify key areas to improve the IT experience in your organization and turn insights into actions.

Measure the experience

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