Giarte ITX-Event 2022

'The Future Is Now'

On Tuesday, September 13th, Giarte organized its annual ITX event in t Spant! in Bussum. This year’s theme was The Future is Now”. We have surpassed the phase of talking about agile, cloud and letting go of legacy. We are finally building IT landscapes on a large scale that not only work today, but are also ready for the future. 

Marco Gianotten and Linda van t Klooster shared the annual customer satisfaction barometer of leading and rapidly emerging IT companies in the Netherlands. They also discussed the outcomes, relevant trends and the new generation of meaningful KPIs. For example, who are the movers and shakers in ITX? Keynote speaker Maarten de Rijke is professor at the University of Amsterdam and founder of the Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence. He spoke about how you can implement concrete applications with Artificial Intelligence to drive innovation. Marcel Prins (COO Robeco) and Marcel Krom (CIO PostNL) talked about the disruption journey” they made with digitalization within their organizations. 

In a duo presentation, Maurice van den Bosch (Chairman Board of Directors OLVG) and Jeroen Tas (Board of Directors Gaia‑X) showed what is becoming the new normal when it comes to sovereignty in the cloud. Gaia‑X is the European initiative for digital sovereignty in a world with three dominant U.S. hyperscalers. Three renowned experts in outsourcing shared their views on the contractual framework for XLA. Herald Jongen (Greenberg Traurig), Bart van Reeken (Van Doorne) and Patrick Wit (Kennedy Van der Laan) discussed smarter contracting and collaboration rituals. 

Finally, Marco Gianotten and Karel Helsen (CIO Giarte) talked about the journey Giarte and XLA have been on. Starting as a countermovement, the Xperience Level Agreement has grown into a methodology, a standard with the NEN, an international training curriculum and solutions for the combination of objective and subjective UX