Giarte ITX - Event 2022

'The Future Is Now'

Giarte ITX - Event 'The Future is Now' Line-up

13 September 2022

On September 13th, 2022, Giarte is organising a major event at the Spant! in Bussum. Not only will we announce the results of the IT Xperience Monitor 2022, but we will also treat you to several presentations, relevant stories and cases. This year’s theme is ​‘The Future Is Now’. Order your ticket(s) today!

Do you remember this one? A few years ago, the annual editions of Giarte’s yellow book still carried inspiring themes such as Connect, Reboot and Purpose. In those editions of the benchmark study, we, in collaboration with opinion leaders, mainly sketched out prospects. Where are we heading? How could we collaborate differently in business IT services? What will be within reach if we throw legacy out of the window? How can we optimally facilitate ITend users? In short, we have passed the stage of talking about agile, cloud and letting go of legacy. We are finally building IT landscapes on a large scale that not only work today but are also ready for the future. Of course, not all the old stuff is gone yet. And of course, here and there, a primal system is still roaring in the basement of the IT department. But as far as we are concerned, the reboot (our theme of Outsourcing Performance 2014) took place. Hence, the future is now.

RESEARCH - Results ITX 2022 customer satisfaction survey
Marco Gianotten and Linda van ’t Klooster share the results of Giarte's annual customer satisfaction barometer of leading IT companies in the Netherlands. In addition to the results, they address relevant trends and the new generation of meaningful KPIs. Who are the movers and shakers in ITX? They furthermore explain why Giarte has come up with a separate category for the next level in cloud.

KEYNOTE – Meaningful AI
AI, like electricity and the internet, is an innovation driver. With small-scale AI Labs, concrete applications are being picked up. Where do you start? With whom? What can a CIO do? Maarten de Rijke is a professor at the University of Amsterdam and founder of the Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence (ICAI), which combines the forces of business, academics and government.

FIRECHAT - Digital to the Core
Welcome to the disruption journey. When the heart of your core business digitizes, you have no choice but to take action. Change always hurts. Marcel Prins (COO Robeco) and Marcel Krom (CIO PostNL) talk about their disruption journey.

KEYNOTE - Sovereignty in the cloud?
It's perfectly possible. Every company should be able to control digital resources themselves. Gaia-X is the European initiative for digital sovereignty in a world with three dominant American hyperscalers. A good example of sovereignty is Health Intelligence Platform (HIPS), the shared data platform around conditions, treatments and treatment outcomes of seven top clinical hospitals. In a duo presentation, Maurice van den Bosch (Chairman of the OLVG Executive Board) and Jeroen Tas (Board of Directors Gaia-X) will describe what the new normal will look like.

FIRECHAT - Contracting XLA
Contracting XLA requires parties to steer together on the impact of technology on customer experience and business. Three renowned experts in outsourcing are currently co-writing the contractual framework for XLA. Herald Jongen (Greenberg Traurig), Bart van Reeken (Van Doorne) and Patrick Wit (Kennedy Van der Laan) talk about smarter contracting and collaboration rituals.

OUTLOOK - The Future of XLA
Giarte is the proud founder of XLA. What started as a counter movement, has turned into a methodology, a standard with the Royal Netherlands Standardization Institute (NEN), an international training curriculum and measurement solutions for combining objective and subjective UX. What is happening with XLA in the world of digital experience monitoring? Marco Gianotten and Karel Helsen (Chief Growth Officer) answer those questions in their presentation.

Giarte would like to welcome you at 12:30 in the Spant! in Bussum



  • Reception including lunch: 12.30 hrs. 
  • Plenary program: 13.30 hrs.
  • Drinks: 17.15 hrs.
  • End of meeting: 18.15 hrs.