Senior Strategy Consultant

As an Strategy Consultant you realize more business impact with IT services together with multinational companies and their Service Providers.

About Giarte

Giarte is an international company for customer experience in the world of business IT. We are involved in designing, monitoring and improving CX and UX. The IT Xperience Monitor (ITX) is our customer experience monitor for leading and fast growing IT companies in the Dutch market.

Our values

  • Proud - We are unique in the way we position and drive the experience revolution
  • Succes - We grow with an appealing proposition for individuals, organizations and society
  • Happiness - We enjoy ourselves on the journey to master the art of a perfect IT experience
  • Passionate Pionier - We like to pioneer and are passionate to discover new insights
  • Team Spirit - We work together and communicate pro-actively to support each other

Our behavioral characteristics

  • Involved - We are focused on the importance of our environment and our stakeholders
  • Goal Oriented - We strive with determination towards a predetermined goal
  • Disciplined - We are thorough and dutiful and work with discipline
  • Pro-active - We are initiators with and have entrepreneurial spirit
  • Communicative - We are good at exchanging information and seek contact with others
  • Flexible - We are able to adapt to new situations, changing requirements and circumstances
  • Persistent - We are reliable, purposeful and persistent with strong stamina

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Scoping of varies consultancy assignments
  • Prepare and perform workshops with customers
  • Prepare quotes with the Business Support Team
  • Conducts research to understand how a company functions and where a company can improve
  • Analyses gathered information to form a hypothesis of company weaknesses and how to fix them
  • Interviews all necessary groups, such as employees, management, and shareholders to aid in consultancy
  • Runs workshops to train employees on updated protocols and rules
  • Prepares reports, proposals, and presentations
  • Stays current with latest trends in business and applies them to existing business models
  • Travels to different job locations as required
  • Bijwonen van meetings om business modellen te evalueren en waar nodig bij te stellen
  • Evaluates competitors to pinpoint advantages or disadvantages in the current market
  • Attends regular meetings to reevaluate new business model and adjusts as necessary
  • Researches any organisation dysfunction and provides solutions for improvement
  • Prepares recommendations on organisational improvement
  • Discusses long-term goals of the business as these goals pertain to a new business model
  • Works with members of own team to offer different ideas
  • Clarifies strategic and operational problems and successes with management

What are you bringing to the table?

  • Bachelors / Master’s degree in business management
  • 5 to 10 years relevant experience as a strategic consultant in the IT industry
  • Knowledge of business and human psychology is highly appreciated
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Sound presentation skills and public speaking experience
  • Analytical knowledge and quantitative skills
  • Problem solving
  • Conflict resolution
  • Research and interviewing skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Good computer literacy
  • Knows to effectively challenge and co-operate with key stakeholders and colleagues to achieve a common goal.
  • Has a can do’ attitude and can work up and down the organization


You work from our office at the Houthavens, Amsterdam. On a regular basis you visit our customers and partners.

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