Head of XLA Academy

Job Overview

The Head of XLA Academy is responsible for developing and delivering educational content and training activities. With our ecosystem and global partners, we expand rapidly. As founder of the Xperience Level Agreement, Giarte is fully committed to developing the skills of thousands of people to eat, sleep and drink this stuff.”

You are accountable for the curriculum, staffing, the body of knowledge (BoK), quality assurance, partnerships, strategic sales, and the P&L. You run the show with a dedicated team you build while flying. You will be a member of the Giarte Leadership Team. The job description in a nutshell: 

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Building and expanding the team with training developers, trainers, and writers
  • Growing the global ecosystem for Train-the-Trainer
  • Expanding and improving the training curriculum in multiple languages
  • Initiating strategic relations with multinational organizations and overseeing sales
  • Coordinating publishing, examination, training, and standardization partnerships
  • Being a true ambassador and building bridges for a global XLA community
  • Curating the Body of Knowledge and protecting the intellectual property rights
  • Coordinating the internal sharing of knowledge between the Giarte companies
  • Managing the P&L of the XLA Academy and capital investments
  • Organizational development (growing the team) en employee engagement
  • Customer satisfaction (students, trainers, ecosystem)
  • Hockey stick revenue growth and a sound P&L
  • Curriculum (continual development and quality assurance)

What are you bringing to the table?

  • Education: academic level with a hands-on mentality
  • Growth mindset with leadership skills to build a close-knit team
  • Excellent communicator with easy writing and presentation skills in English
  • Conceptual thinker with strategic planning skills
  • Networker and a people connector
  • Affinity with IT, UX, design thinking and data sciences
  • Experience in the training business

About Giarte

Giarte is a leading, fast-growing agency for customer and user experience in Enterprise IT. We work with local and global companies. We are on a mission to conquer the world” with our brainchild: the Xperience Level Agreement. With XLA, IT is moving beyond tech metrics to employee and customer experience. We deliver the mindset, skillsets, and tools for XLA. We gain momentum and buckle up for stellar growth. We are looking for a Head of Academy to lead our fast-growing XLA Academy business unit.

We are building the education platform and platform solutions compatible with leading Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) providers to support our partners and clients. We will rapidly increase our company’s size to deliver on our promise: putting customer experience and business impact at the heart of Enterprise IT. In the Netherlands, we are well known for the IT Xperience Monitor (ITX): the annual, independent customer satisfaction study. With XLA, we are focusing globally.

Recruitment process

  • Interviews with the leadership and key-employees employees
  • Meetings on the role, company strategy, salary and benefits
  • Personal motivation assessment ((Analytical Competence Tool test)
  • Presentation to the leadership team and key employees


Contact us:
020 622 3444
Moermanskkade 620, 5th floor 1013 BC Amsterdam


Send a motivational text and CV to info@​giarte.​com

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Why work at Giarte?

In the world of IT, people rarely come first. We are the proud founders of the Xperience Level Agreement (XLA). With XLA we deliver the mindset, skillset, and toolset to embed Experience Management.

Giarte is based in Amsterdam, home of one of the most diverse cities in the world, with our office in one of
the hippest and most climate-friendly buildings in Europe.