BI Specialist

Job Overview

Giarte is a fast growing Amsterdam-based company. We measures employee IT-experience through a data platform with an advanced AI-toolsets. Your challenge is to create dashboards with actionable insights for our corporate customers. You will be part of a vibrant international data science team with data scientists, analysts and BI-specialists. You will be onboarded and guided by our experts to get you up to speed quickly. Our offices are based in the Flow building in Amsterdam Houthavens.

Our Values

  • Proud – We are unique in the way we drive the experience revolution 
  • Success – We grow with a proposition for individuals, organizations, and society 
  • Happiness – We enjoy our journey to master the art of a perfect IT experience 
  • Passionate pioneer – We like to pioneer and are passionate to discover 
  • Team spirit – We work together and pro-actively support each other 

Our Behavioral Characteristics

  • Involved – We are focused and loyal and care for our stakeholders 
  • Goal-Oriented – We strive with determination towards a predetermined goal
  • Disciplined – We are thorough and dutiful, and work with discipline
  • Pro-active – We are initiators and have an entrepreneurial spirit 
  • Communicative – We are communicative and seek contact with others
  • Flexible – We adapt easily to new situations, requirements, and circumstances
  • Persistent – We are reliable, purposeful, and persistent
  • Convincing – We have domain knowledge and bring vision into the limelight

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Responsible for our full data chain.
  • Data handling, adjusting databases according to functional requirements (creating data tabes, mapping data).
  • Visualizing (storytelling) of data. You will build (Kibana and Superset) reports and dashboards for generic purposes, but also customer-specific wishes.
  • Maintaining reports & dashboards, adjusting and fixing issues along the way, automating data flows.
  • Understand customer wishes and translate this into the desired dashboard and report insights and subsequently into data configurations needed two provide these insights.

What are you bringing to the table?

• Minimum 2 years of experience in data handling, creation of reports & dashboards in Kibana and/or Superset

• Minimum 1 year of experience in Elasticsearch

• Experience with Tableau and SQL is highly appreciated

• Run customized analysis to support decision making

• Fluent in English language

Nice to have qualifications:

• Maintaining data engineering capabilities working with ETL

• stakeholder management, in creating an understanding and guiding customers in the use of our measurement tooling

• Scripting skills for data analysis (e.g. python, R)

• Basic knowledge about machine learning

• Ability to work in agile

• Dutch language (speaking)

Location & travel

• The role is based in Amsterdam.
• You could make trips to visit customer locations, mainly in The Netherlands and occasionally abroad.

* Selected candidates will be asked to perform an online assessment.

About Giarte

The biggest challenge of our time is bridging the gap between technology and humans. Business software development is almost always guided by its functionalities and its functioning. Surely the user interface design is part of the project, but the total experience of the user is rarely the center of attention.

Many people don’t like the IT solutions at work, nor the IT department. Everyone has stories of endlessly waiting for a password reset or replacement laptop. Or clumsy systems that are just impossible to work with. Many get their work done despite IT.

Giarte has been at the forefront of a better human experience for years. The user experience can and should be a lot better. The time has come to organize IT from the perspective of the user and his business. So, people can become the best they can be. Every single day.

Giarte has picked up the gauntlet for the sake of all users. Meticulous research makes the human experience measurable and quantifiable. And that’s just the beginning. Giarte is on a mission to disrupt the human experience forward.


Contact us:
020 622 3444
Moermanskkade 620, 5th floor 1013 BC Amsterdam


Send a motivational text and CV to info@​giarte.​com

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