Hybrid Working and Measuring Employee Experience

How to make the hybrid workplace a success

Hybrid Working and Measuring Employee Experience 

We used to call it remote working’ before the Covid crisis. Employers allowed’ employees to work from home. In the aftermath of the pandemic, we are encouraged to adapt to a blended style, working from different locations: at home, on the go, or at the office. Adapting, however, is easier said than done. Employees need certain resources and only when those are provided they can adapt and even thrive in a hybrid work environment. 

Hybrid working requires tools (workplace, apps, wifi, secure infrastructure) and skills (communication, collaboration, time management, digital fluency). It’s the start of a new bonding between CHROs and CIOs to enable and govern hybrid working: the cross connect’ between employee experience (EX) and user experience (UX).

There are three pillars that can help you make the hybrid workplace a success: tools, well-being, and social value 

1. The tools are about IT: the technology employees need to work effectively. With flaky wifi, jitter, latency, and not having the right equipment, employees cannot be productive at all. The focus is to manage and optimize IT provisioning from the employee’s perspective. 

2. Well-being is about ME: the way a person can be productive and happy. The focus is the person, their job, and their work-life balance. 

3. Social Value is about US: the way employees connect, interact and collaborate with others. The focus is the interaction between people. 

Giarte combined these three pillars within one methodology to survey employees and offer valuable insights based on employee feedback (sentiment). This method is called IT-ME-US and is part of a broader suite of industry-standard survey packs for ServiceNow. The solution is called Amaze. 

Based on Giarte’s XLA methodology, Amaze is a practical, hands-on tool to measure the feelings, failings, perceptions, and expectations that together form end-user experience. And it does this based on hard numbers, not assumptions. Amaze has a fundamental and positive impact on IT performance and changes the way organizations think about IT delivery.

Read more about Amaze, view our Amaze brochure, or schedule an introductory call. We are happy to show you around.