Are Your Customers Totally Pizzled?

What drives customers crazy? Pizzled!

Pizzled is what you feel when you are pissed off and puzzled at the same time. And as you might guess, it has a long-lasting negative impact on the customer experience.

The Net Promoter Score is a great thing. But one downside of it is that detractors represent recommendation ratings from 0 to 6. There is no differentiation between extremely disgruntled and slightly unhappy customers. So, let’s says you want to avoid pizzled end users – the very low scores. You can’t. With NPS and CSAT averages, we don’t see the gilets jaunes’ or yellow vests of extreme dissatisfaction.

The goal then is to have a conversation with your most unhappy end-users: the disgruntled. To hear them and take them seriously and recognizing small things often matter most. For this, there are two experiences to focus on: task-based experiences and working-life experiences. The goal is to redesign your processes to prevent them from having a terrible experience and going berserk.

Here’s how to start:

  1. Identify users who express their disappointment and resentment.
    Tag along for a day to experience first-hand what makes them fed up.
  2. Address the issues without saying Yes, but’ to defend the procedures and policies in place.
    The Computer Says No’ is an indicator that value is not being defined from a user’s perspective.
  3. Redesign processes and product to prevent users going berserk (again).
  4. Monitor experience metrics to see if the pizzledness’ has been reduced.