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As creators of XLA, we coordinate the development of this philosophy with our partners. We design, facilitate and license XLA training courses. Our goal? Empower IT organizations and service providers to put the value of IT at the center of their modus operandi.

Create the perfect IT Experience

Organizing IT from a human perspective needs more than just pressing a button. It starts with rethinking processes, applications, and agreements. Each part of the total IT experience is reviewed and re-shaped if necessary. This calls for craftsmanship. And years of experience.

Training: Become a master

Creating an awesome IT experience may be an art, but it is not elusive magic. We love creating a new experience for our customers, but we are just as happy to train them to do it themselves. Master the art of a perfect IT experience together with the XLA Academy.

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The Academy welcomes people from diverse backgrounds, such as DevOps, customer operations, software development, service delivery, service improvement, customer success management, sourcing management, and UX / CX experts. All courses are open to individuals and groups from one organization.

Create Value

The shared language and mindset, that’s what most participants see as the greatest asset of the Academy. Processes and rules will always be necessary, but working from the same idea of ​​value really gives IT teams wings.

Why you should Reshape your IT Experience


Employees lose less time when systems and processes are better aligned with how they really work. Instead of the other way around.


Better IT creates a better place to work. Employees appreciate that and ultimately the customers too.

Less mistakes

People make fewer mistakes. That saves time, money and frustration.


When IT fits the needs of the business, it is easier to grow as an organization.

What clients say

The XLA training suite is the ultimate wrap-up of all acquired experience knowledge. After following the training you’re able to apply​the desired experience” to your organization or service

Frank van Rijn, Head of Operations & Support at KPN

Learning to understand the art & science of Xperience Management is very valuable and inspiring! 

Jette van Eldijk, Customer Experience Manager at Axians

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Giarte Academy

Giarte Academy

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