Outsourcing Performance Year book 2013

This edition, alongside the results from the annual Outsourcing Performance research and the new Outsourcing Recommendation Index, once again contains many interesting articles, cases and interviews.

The Outsourcing Performance programme was introduced ten years ago this year, which gave reason for an article in the Yearbook which reviews the past years. Outsourcing, which once appeared to be a temporary trend, has since evolved into a permanent phenomenon.

IT departments cannot avoid developments such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and New Working Methods (NWM). The demarcation between Corporate IT and Consumer IT is becoming less distinct. Workplace 1.0 has by now evolved into Workplace 3.0. Rabobank has taken the first step towards BYOD. Klaas van der Laan (Head of Workplace Services) and Ad Bezemer (Business Architect) take a look behind the scenes at Rabobank.

A relatively minor problem in new technologies can develop into a major disruption. ProRail and NS explain the influence smart phones and the social media can have on disruptions and the future approach that can be adopted to this issue.

Moreover, a great deal of work still has to be done on the relationship between service provider and outsourcer. Round table discussions with outsourcers, suppliers, consultants and legal officers have revealed that the contract often creates an obstacle to cooperation, certainly with respect to the elaboration of creative ideas.