Outsourcing Performance Year book 2012

Enterprise IT is extremely complex. However, at the front end it’s very simple: it either works well or it doesn’t work. The entire chain, with many technological layers and various parties, will need to work together as one if it is to achieved the required end result. In the absence of this cooperation throughout the chain the various elements will topple one by one, like dominoes. Strong chains require the optimum efforts of all those involved. However, all too often it’s still ‘we’ against ‘them’, ‘business’ against ‘IT’, ‘service provider A’ against ‘service provider B’ and ‘my KPI’ against ‘your KPI’.

In the Yearbook, CIOs and experts discuss the complexity of the IT landscape and the associated challenges. IT outsourcing increasingly pivots on cooperation in the chain for specific business objectives. For this reason, the articles in the Yearbook review the organization of demand management, innovation, multi-vendor environments and resourcing.

This fifth Yearbook also contains the results from the research, including the Outsourcing Recommendation Index.