Outsourcing Performance Year book 2011

During the past years we have learnt that outsourcing can be extremely successful a permanently growing market, but can also have dramatic consequences. In the latter deals the parties are completely at odds with each other, as a result of which there is only place for one winner. The winner usually gains a Pyrrhic victory. For this reason it is necessary to adopt a completely new approach to cooperation.

Whilst the business operations are increasingly dependent on IT, organizations are increasingly outsourcing the IT operations to external parties. This stratified dependency requires strong ties within the organization and with the external service providers. For this reason the annual Outsourcing Performance studies focus on relationships, together with an examination of the relationships to identify potential improvements. This fourth Yearbook – and the eighth year of Outsourcing Performance – devotes a great deal of attention to what clients can do to achieve successful cooperation.

The Yearbook also contains interviews with five CIOs who discuss their experience in practice. All the interviews reveal that although IT operations can be outsourced to an external party, many of the conditions attached to successful cooperation will need to be created by the outsourcer. In two of these interviews Michel Hofman (Rabobank International) explains how he arranged for the line organization to give feedback to the service providers, whilst Louis Luijten (NXP) discusses how he has drawn up a clear picture of the future with his team that forms the basis for the cooperation with the service providers.