Lancing Insight Portal

By the end of October 2015 the ‘Giarte Insight’ portal will be launched. A portal that makes all reports, dashboards and analysis applications accessible for Giarte’s customers through one, simple passage, with diverse possibilities to fine tune content and data for individual users.

The portal is build from new business intelligence technologies, which provide information through interactive dashboards. the customer has the possibility tot easily split a data selection. The results will be presented through convenient graphics of overviews, maps or trend information.

Through a self portal interface customers can provide access to their clients and employees. For each user can be determined to what dashboards he or she has access too. It is also possible to define restrictions per individual with regard to the data. This way country managers can receive access to the data of their own country or external suppliers only to the tickets that they took care of.

With the portal distribution of rapports and data will be easily and directly managed. Within the client organization everybody will receive access to the data that specific person needs in his or her position. The portal is being used by all Giarte clients.

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