Service Excellence Benchmark

ITsat offers you more than an insight into the satisfaction with the IT performance in your organization. Once every six months, Giarte processes the up-to-date figures for all ITsat clients in the benchmark figures. These figures are calculated on the basis of twenty ITsat clients with a total of more than 325,000 end users. Giarte calculates the median scores for you and other ITsat users, as well as the outlier scores of clients that separate them from the others (in both a positive and negative sense).

Three benchmark levels available for each question in the measurement method give you the following information:


  • How is my performance in comparison with the average? The benchmark level for the median score is the mid-point between the clients with the best and poorest performance. Where does your organization stand?
  • What is my position relative to the ‘worst pupil in the class’? The benchmark level for the lower limit separates the clients with the poorest performance (one-sixth) from the rest. Does your organization need to make more effort?
  • How close am I to the top? The benchmark level for the upper limit separates the clients with the best performance (one-sixth) from the rest. Has your optimization already been optimized?

These benchmark levels indicate what is a poor and what is a good performance. You can also immediately see which scores are attained in practice. The performance of each organization is in its context. You can then set your benchmark levels, targets and subjects.

Do you wish to compare the workplace satisfaction in your organization with the median, or do you wish to assess the satisfaction with incident settlement against the more ambitious upper limit? Everything can be benchmarked and displayed on the dashboards in the ITsat analysis portal.


Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate, contact Giarte.

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