ITsat Enterprise Edition

ITsat Enterprise Edition offers you a complete in-house platform for the systematic collection of user experience and preparation of user experience results. This enables you to measure all end users’ perceptions of a wide range of IT service provision aspects. ITsat differs from regular satisfaction surveys in that the measurements are distributed throughout the year. The high frequency ensures that you always have access to up-to-date user experience. This continual insight is indispensable for the supply of effective services and for the control of external service providers.

7 Enterprise_EditionDevelopments in user satisfaction expose any bottlenecks immediately and also reveal the impact of changes. Is the satisfaction with the service desk’s capacity to solve problems declining? If so, respond immediately by reviewing the need for additional training. Do large groups of users state that they lost files during a migration? Investigate the cause and modify the process before the next migration round begins.

IT organizations with insight into user satisfaction also arm themselves against complaining business organizations. When complaints are justified the IT organization will have a clear insight into the origin of the complaints. Both parties can then hold specific discussions on appropriate solutions. When complaints are unjustified the measurements are of use in demonstrating that structural shortcomings are not a problem. Moreover, in both situations (justified and unjustified complaints) the user feedback assists the service provider to make any adjustments, revisions and optimizations that may be necessary.

Using ITsat also yields you a uniform set of metrics. All experiences of all countries, business units and functional roles are measured in the same manner. ITsat shows the condition of the organization on just one scorecard. The results can then be broken down by country, business unit and functional role. Everyone then uses the same reference framework and same metrics. Comparisons throughout the entire organization are then feasible.

Organizations working with a global, central service model are then offered the instruments they need to monitor the services to verify that no local gaps develop. Although the global satisfaction with specific aspects may be excellent, the situation can be very different in a given country. ITsat supports an approach which Giarte refers to as ”Think global – act local”.

Organizations that outsource IT use ITsat metrics to get all service providers thinking in the same direction – the direction towards the end user. Assigning service providers the responsibility for the end users’ perception results in constructive collaboration between all parties. Service providers can then exercise their discretion in the manner in which they work, provided that user satisfaction is good, whilst clients need to carry out fewer checks and can manage on the basis of insights and overviews.

In practice

ITsat collects two types of feedback for you, namely about the general IT service provision and about the service processes, such as the settlement of incidents.

Feedback about the general IT service provision is collected by sending each member of the organization’s staff a survey invitation once a year. This takes place in a weekly cycle in which successive groups of end users are invited to give their opinion about three groups of IT services:

  • The workplace, including the office applications
  • The business applications
  • The IT information and communications

Each week, ITsat also issues invitations to a group of staff for whom a support ticket was closed in the previous week. ITsat includes evaluations of four service processes:

  • Incidents (Inc)
  • Standard Service Requests (SSR)
  • Non Standard Service Requests (RFC)
  • Requests for Information (RFI)

All user evaluations are carried out using brief, user-friendly questionnaires made available on the Internet. Each member of staff receives a unique link by e-mail which he or she uses to start the questionnaire. Once the questionnaire has been completed, ITsat processes all the results, including all user characteristics and – for service processes – the ticket information.

The results

ITsat Enterprise Edition offers you different forms of access to the results. All user feedback can be found on the ITsat Insight online portal. The results can not only be retrieved for the entire organization, but can also be broken down by all user characteristics and tickets. You can then view the results, for example, of staff with the same role in your organization to determine whether they are equally satisfied with their workplace. You can check whether there are large differences in satisfaction between resolution groups and determine whether there are any differences in the assessment of the various channels that are used (e-mail, telephone, chat).

ITsat generates a monthly report (PDF) which is automatically distributed to a given mailing list you have specified for your organization. ITsat issues a weekly report of results at detail level that can, for example, be used by the service desk organization to contact a colleague who has experienced problems, in what is referred to as a ‘negative call-back’.

Using the ITsat Enterprise Edition also grants access to the ITsat benchmark. Twice a year Giarte sets a benchmark value for all aspects we measure at our clients. You receive quarterly insights into your scores as compared with the benchmark (see also Service Excellence Benchmark).


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