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Continually measuring end user satisfaction with the ITsat solution is a piece of cake. Giarte makes the arrangements for everything involved in the continual measurement process, which you simply receive as a service. We look after the complex work, you benefit from the results. Consequently, you do not need to meet the stringent processing requirements: that’s our business. We provide for an accessible survey and an intelligent process that offers end users an appropriate means of giving their feedback. Here by an overview of the most important features to guarantee smooth measurements:

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Each survey contains a unique code. End users do not need to enter a password, but you nevertheless have a precise insight into which end user has completed the survey and which ticket was then assessed. As a result, all data about the end user and the ticket are included in the results, for analysis purposes. In adopting this approach we also avoid duplication in the survey.

Invitation logic

Giarte sets, by client, the interval between two invitations to an individual end user. Staff are then bothered only when this is useful. Two identification numbers are applicable to closed tickets. One of these is the unique ID of the ticket and the other is the ID of the person who entered the ticket. As a result, the invitation rules can also be applied to end users for whom a number of tickets have been closed.

House style

Giarte uses your house style for all invitation emails and web surveys in to remain close to the perception of the business. This increases the willingness to take part in the internal survey.


End users receive invitation emails and questions in their native language. Giarte supports surveys in all ‘Unicode’ languages, including right to left languages (such as Arabic and Hebrew). These languages are presented in the correct manner, inclusive of the alignment of the question texts. Obviously, end users can switch from the default language to a preferred language. This selection is then applicable to the invitation emails and surveys sent to the member of staff from that time.


Obviously, end users can give their feedback in their native language. The software automatically translates all comments into English. You can view the feedback in the reports in English, in the original language or in both.

Lightning fast surveys

The interaction with end users must take place as quickly as possible. This is achieved by automatically saving the most used dialogue and language combinations in the web server’s memory. In 99% of the cases, the interval between the call and display of the survey is less than 0.02 second.


Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate, contact Giarte.

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