Continual Improvement

The improvement of the IT services for your organization is a standalone action when carried out on the basis of a one-off or limited measurement. Fundamental, specific improvements are feasible only when you have a continual insight into the perceptions of the end users.  This process-based approach is more than a nice-to-have.

Summary at management level

ITsat offers management insight into the situation at the workplace at all levels in the organization, as ITsat produces weekly and monthly reports on the IT service provision. Improvements or deterioration in user satisfaction can be reviewed to detail level. This detail view is available to both smaller and larger organizations. Larger organizations are often much more complex as many different parties and involved in the IT service provision. As a result, the distance between the usually central IT organisation and the end users is great. ITsat ensures that the end user is seen up to the highest level.

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Insight at operational level

Insights for management is only one dimension of the ITsat reports. The reports also provide input for operational processes. The continual evaluation of your IT services, including the approach to incidents, yields a flow of operational information. Weekly feedback reports immediately provide an insight into the parties involved, such as your IT department or supplier. This includes, for example, insight into incidents that according to the end user have not been resolved properly.

Giarte’s clients (and their suppliers) often make use of these operational reports by implementing follow-up actions. Clients, for example, call the end user back again to help them with the issue. Errors made by IT staff which have consequences for the workplace are revealed. This demonstrates to the users that their feedback is taken seriously.

Analysis at organization level

Obviously, you will require more than solely retrospective information about improvements needed to nevertheless resolve incidents. Prevention is better than cure. Analyses are of assistance in achieving this strategic objective. ITsat also records all context information, which yields a wealth of data for analyses. All this provides for improvements to the IT service provision. Where will which modifications improve incident settlement? Where will which modifications help avoid incidents? You can answer these and other questions with ITsat. You not only receive figures, but also the specific comments from your end users. These comments give the background to the figures.

Management at supplier level

In practice, a complex web of internal and external parties are often involved in IT service provision. You will have better control of your suppliers outside the organization when you have more information than solely technical performance data. You can also call your external service providers to account on the basis of your internal client satisfaction. Alongside calling service providers to account (for example, for low satisfaction scores) they can also receive praise (for example, for an excellent performance). Some of our clients even use the ITsat scores in the calculation of the amount of periodic bonuses. This acts as an incentive for suppliers to achieve better performances in which both the general organization and the individual end users are satisfied with their services.


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