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The end user often stands at the bottom of the list of priorities in a migration. Although that certainly won’t be your intention, it’s often the way it turns out. You can avoid this by reversing the list. Put the experiences of the end user at the center of every migration program.  This enables you to limit the impact of a major migration – fewer lost production hours, less frustration and the avoidance of damage to the image of the IT organization. These undesirable side-effects can play a particularly large role in major migrations throughout the entire organization, such as the roll-out of new workplaces in several countries or at a number of locations.

It is essential that migrations are carried out smoothly – and the ITsat Migration Monitor offers you valuable feedback during the migration that you can use immediately to improve the next roll-out.


Large-scale migrations are usually carried out in a number of batches. The first roll-out often reveals issues that can be resolved to improve the next batch. Immediate information about any problems confronting individual users that prevent them from working optimally after the migration is also important.

Measurements after each batch in the roll-out enable you to rapidly make adjustments that may be required. When the migration has been outsourced to an external player, then migration studies will assist you in assessing whether the supplier has learning capacity.

Irrespective of the type of migration that is involved, this Giarte method focuses on four aspects: communication, roll-out, support and quality of the new environment. Problems that are experienced during or after the migration are also taken into account in this measurement of end user satisfaction.

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Rapid feedback

Rapid feedback is essential, as the duration of an ITsat Migration program is linked to the (limited) duration of the relevant migration. Consequently the results from the measurements are immediately necessary as input for improvements. Knowledge for later is certainly useful, but insights that enable you to make adjustments straight away are much more valuable. You obtain this direct feedback by virtue of the easy access and use of ITsat Migration. Following the adoption of the questionnaire you deliver lists of migrated users who then almost immediately receive an invitation to complete the questionnaire. You gain immediate access to the results from the survey via an online portal that can also be accessible to the internal parties involved in the migration.


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