Business Stakeholder Research

Your IT organization can achieve an effective performance only when the relations with the business are good, as IT’s role is to support the business objectives. Giarte’s Business Stakeholder Research provides your IT organization actionable input from the business. The results from these measurements can be analyzed in depth and then communicated clearly to the business. The results of these measurements can be analyzed in-depth and then clearly communicated with the business. A valuable interplay. CIO’s and their teams will receive usable information for the business goals which they can apply for actions of improvement.

Quality, management and competences

The research you can conduct with Business Stakeholder Research encompasses three aspects, namely the quality of the IT services you receive, the management qualities of the IT organization that provides the services and, in conclusion, the competences of the IT organization. The overall impression you gain from these three aspects not only gives you an insight into the current quality of the organization but also indicates whether your organization possesses the competences needed to take on new challenges with success. Explicit, business-oriented measurements offer new perspectives. An independent survey of stakeholders is the ideal means of involving the business in a dialogue on the future of both IT and the IT organization. The results from research of this nature enable you to formulate action points with the parties involved. Alignment between IT and business is no utopia.


An IT organization that adopts this approach demonstrates that priority has been assigned to the interests of the business. You can readily follow the progress by conducting the stakeholder research at regular intervals, for example once a year. Moreover, regular intervals make clear to the business that the organization is listening to the business. Listening is the first step in the development and maintenance of a constructive dialogue.

Giarte’s Business Stakeholder Research combines quantitative and qualitative research. The quantitative research consists of online surveys of the staff in your organization who are involved. The qualitative research consists of telephone and face-2-face interviews. The specific online surveys offer all stakeholders an opportunity to give their input. No one needs to feel excluded, everyone is heard. The interviews offer you the opportunity to examine the interaction between IT and the business in more depth. The discussions are ideally suited to the qualification of any bottlenecks identified earlier and the formulation of potential measures.


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