Customer Cases

Our clients use Amaze to improve the relationship between their business and the business of their service provider(s).

Allow yourself to be inspired by these customer cases in which our clients explain their vision of user perception, how Amaze enables them to achieve their vision and what this brings them in practice.


Heineken Case

Heineken’s operating companies have to join in the consolidation of corporate IT – but not at the expense of everything. After all, the IT end user shouldn’t have to be inconvenienced by orders from above. Ron Broeren, Director of the Global Office of the CIO, explains how the beer producer tries to find the ideal balance between central and local, freedom and policy, support and control. “We want global IT, with user intimacy.”

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DSM Case

In the summer of 2006, DSM introduced ITsat to measure and improve global user satisfaction with IT. How has DSM benefited from ITsat?

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