Become a master

Embed XLA thinking throughout the organization

The impact of IT on the results of the business and experience of the customer, that defines the true value” of IT. Agile teams tend to focus on delivering valuable software. XLA brings this to the forefront. Nobody needs to waste time and money on things that do not help the organization and its customers anymore.

Get a grip on the value of IT

At Giarte, we believe that XLA helps everyone create better, more valuable IT. That is why we started training courses to share, spread and enhance the method and best practices.

A catalyst for 'value first'

As creators of XLA, we coordinate the development of this philosophy with our partners. We design, facilitate and license XLA training courses. Our goal? Empower IT organizations and service providers to put the value of IT at the center of their modus operandi.

The Academy program

The curriculum starts with the introductory course that has been specially developed in relation to the NEN 8038 standard in the Dutch market.


The Academy welcomes people from diverse backgrounds, such as DevOps, customer operations, software development, service delivery, service improvement, customer success management, sourcing management and UX / CX experts. All courses are open to individuals and groups from one organization. Trainings take place online, onsite or hybrid.

A common goal

The shared language and mindset, that’s what most participants see as the greatest asset of the Academy. Processes and rules will always be necessary, but working from the same idea of ​​value really gives IT teams wings.

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