Our staff

Marco Gianotten Jonge Marco Gianotten

Marco Gianotten


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Credited as the founding father of XLA, and allegedly the chief cat herder. He’s a captivating provocateur, passionate public speaker, and the driving force behind the XLA methodology.



Reinout Jörg Jonge Reinout Jörg

Reinout Jörg

Client Services Director

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Also known as ‘the fixer’ with a ‘No Plan B’ mentality. He oversees and shapes client relations. Reinout also engages with our technology and business partners to galvanize XLA.


Marthijn Brouwer Jonge Marthijn Brouwer

Marthijn Brouwer

Head of Customer Success - Strategy Consultant

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Untamable in making the impossible possible. Marthijn and his team pave the way to (re)design and manage Enterprise IT outside-in. He’s a driving force in the body of knowledge and skills for XLA.

Zonne Hol Jonge Zonne Hol

Zonne Hol

Project & Personal Assistant

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Our jackie of all trades, managing tons of smaller projects and keeping tabs on busy agendas. She and Daniëlle are our salvation army.

Daniëlle Koolloos Jonge Daniëlle Koolloos

Daniëlle Koolloos

Business Support Manager

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Our cheerful ‘air traffic controller’ for account and administrative support. She’s the liasion for customers, staff and partners. Daniëlle teams with Zonne.

David Koekoek Jonge David Koekoek

David Koekoek

Head of Products & Innovation

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Go-getter in implementing XLA programs and practices. David is seasoned in IT strategy consultancy and business IT Alignment and bridging the worlds of SLA and XLA. He’s part of the XLA methodology team.

Mark Koster Jonge Mark Koster

Mark Koster

Senior Research Consultant

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Mastermind in connecting the dots for market insights. Mark leads the way in commercial due diligence, performance management and target operating models for managed services.

Mark Leuverink Jonge Mark Leuverink

Mark Leuverink

Head of Platforms

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Our ‘been there, done that’ guy in the complex world of ITSM tooling. Mark is the all-rounder leading the product development and delivery of XLA on ITSM platforms.

Gied van Hoorn Jonge Gied van Hoorn

Gied van Hoorn

Research Consultant

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Our tower of strength in delivering market research with his flying squad of helpers. Gied sinks his teeth into our research projects and valuable insights for our customers.

Anouk Pruijn Jonge Anouk Pruijn

Anouk Pruijn

Customer Succes Manager

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Undaunted to help our clients thrive with XLA. She brings fresh ideas to the table for ITSM innovation and design with the user experience in mind.

Ahmed Baniyassien Jonge Ahmed Baniyassien

Ahmed Baniyassien

Data & Technology Officer

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A wizard in data modeling and visualization. Ahmed helps our clients to keep tabs on user experience data with amazing dashboards and stunning views.

Linda van ‘t Klooster Jonge Linda van ‘t Klooster

Linda van ‘t Klooster

Head of Research

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Passioned in guarding the leading IT customer satisfaction benchmark in the Netherlands. Linda and her team charts the Dutch IT B2B market and monitors market trends.

Kaj Siebeling Jonge Kaj Siebeling

Kaj Siebeling

Technology Operations

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Resolute and pragmatic in technology support for our customers measuring XLA on ITSM platforms. He is young and restless to make it work, even when setbacks cross our path.

Edwin Rijper Jonge Edwin Rijper

Edwin Rijper

Customer Succes Manager

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Keeping the juices flowing to implement and run XLA on ITSM platforms. Edwin is also our designated marketing strategist.

Leon Hardjomohamad Jonge Leon Hardjomohamad

Leon Hardjomohamad

Technology Operations

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The imperturbable doer in technology support. Leon is the quiet enforcer keeping the team rolling and finishing the job.

Zoi Manesi Jonge Zoi Manesi

Zoi Manesi

Research Specialist

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With a strong background in research methods, statistics and data analytics, Zoi reinforces Giarte’s research team. In addition, she communicates innovative ideas, results and targeted advice to various stakeholders.