Our staff

Marco Gianotten Jonge Marco Gianotten

Marco Gianotten

Managing Director

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Marco is founder of the research and boutique consulting firm Giarte. He has a phenomenal creative brain! Marco ended up in IT as a non-techie, he is still amazed about the mental gap between IT professionals and business professionals. He writes, presents, inspires and invites the industry to start breaking taboos.



Reinout Jörg Jonge Reinout Jörg

Reinout Jörg

Client Services Director

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Reinout is responsible for all matters relating to the execution of the strategy, takes care of the strategic alliances and is part of the management team. He has a wealth of experience in IT Service Management within corporate organizations.


Marthijn Brouwer Jonge Marthijn Brouwer

Marthijn Brouwer

Head of Customer Success - Strategy Consultant

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Marthijn runs Giarte’s consulting practice. As an ‘experience engineer’, he develops the XLA methodology and supports clients with presentations, workshops and coaching sessions. Marthijn believes that human-centric Enterprise IT organizations will drive competitive business advantages: “It is all about thinking and acting differently, in an utterly human fashion.”



David Koekoek Jonge David Koekoek

David Koekoek

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Gied van Hoorn Jonge Gied van Hoorn

Gied van Hoorn


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As researcher and analyst, Gied is working for our annual Outsourcing Performance benchmark. Together with his colleagues, he ensures that the benchmark meets all defined requirements. He is co-responsible for contract reviews, data response, in-depth analyzes and presentations for our clients.

Linda van ‘t Klooster Jonge Linda van ‘t Klooster

Linda van ‘t Klooster

Research Coordinator

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Linda is operational coordination lead for Outsourcing Performance and is in charge for research content like our annual yellow book. She’s manages the contacts with listed service providers.

Edwin Rijper Jonge Edwin Rijper

Edwin Rijper

Client Services Manager

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Edwin is Giarte’s primary ITsat services contact person. He is responsible for a customer group and the services we supply. With his unrestrained energy and technical knowledge he helps his customers to take things to the next level.