Corporate Social Responsibility

Giarte is very proud to be ambassador of Net4Kids since 2004. Net4Kids is a Dutch organization that provides concrete, businesslike help for kids in Asia and Africa. If we can help these kids to seize better opportunities, they are to look forward towards a independent future. For themselves and for their country. The next generation of kids should and can have a better life.

Giarte photo website NMG 1Net4kids, a Dutch foundation that provides specific, professional aid to children in Asia and Africa, believes that a better world starts with children. When we help children to make use of more and better opportunities they can look forward to an independent, autonomous future, a better future for both themselves and their country. This will ensure that a next generation of children will enjoy an improved life – an improvement that will benefit us all.

The mission is to offer more underprivileged children a promising future.

There are too many children in our world who have no choice, no opportunities, no options and no prospects to improve their life. Net4kids intends to help these children, with integral, sustainable and specific shelter, schooling and healthcare projects. This will prepare them to look forward to the future full of confidence.


For many years Giarte, via Net4kids, has given a large number of children in Kathmandu, Nepal, their future back. The primary objective of the school for the very poorest of Nepal Matri Griha (NMG) is to offer underprivileged children a future by enabling them to go to school in a safe environment. The children receive a primary school education and their families receive special support in health, hygiene and other issues. Net4kids regards every donation as an investment, as donors giving support may expect something in return. It’s an investment in yourself, your organization and society. Giarte selected this project and remains involved in developments.


12185505_1094913063860839_229090450173552018_oIn November 2015, Marco Gianotten, within the context of Corporate Social Responsibility, travelled to Africa for Net4kids as Net4kids ambassador:  

“We went on our first Net4kids project visit today, a visit to the Watoto Wema Centre in Nairobi. It’s fantastic to see how more than 100 children are lovingly given shelter and schooled. Watoto Wema is a safe haven for children who had problems at home and who could have ended up on the streets. With its small-scale agricultural farming and health clinic Watoto Wema is already in part economically self-sufficient. Innovation in sustainable child care. “We brought a welcome present with us, a cake the children ate to the very last crumb.”

Giarte provides many of the workshops and presentations and advice without charge, in exchange for a donation to Net4kids and other sustainable child care aid projects. We have opted for this approach as we wish to help children without investing in the overheads of NGOs. We wish to support projects in the most direct and transparent method that is possible. Net4kids’ methods are completely compatible with our vision of sustainable, specific aid.

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