About Giarte

Who are we? Giarte is a research and advisory firm for customer experience in IT. We work for tech companies, public organizations and large enterprises. 

What impact do we strive for? To make tangible what matters most in the world of Enterprise IT: customer satisfaction, user experience and trust. We mobilize and connect with insights, methods, publications and events. 



Giarte is the founding father of the Xperience Level Agreement (XLA) for human-centric and impact-driven performance management. It started out as a movement and grew into a methodology and toolset. XLA allows to focus on what really matters to employees, the business and customers.

We enable XLA as a way of working by delivering KPIs and solutions for ITSM platforms. This helps organizations to embed XLA by measurement, scorecards and reward management. Find more info here.



Giarte is known in the Netherlands for the annual independent customer satisfaction research in outsourcing relationships. The customers of more than 40 service providers participate.

The study is a trend barometer and benchmark in the market. Giarte examines established and emerging players in the managed services market, creating a transparent playing field for customers, service providers and investors. Find more info here.


The Giarte team consists of driven professionals working at the intersection of tech and touch. We work closely with partners in different ecosystems. Our beliefs are anchored in the book ‘Digital Empathy’.

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