About Giarte

Giarte records experiential knowledge and perception about IT services in business environments. Giarte makes use of two unique instruments: ITsat® and Outsourcing Performance® (OP). ITsat is a monitoring and analysis tool for the measurement and improvement of the quality of IT service provision; Outsourcing Performance encompasses an annual benchmark study and serves as a platform for the indication of market developments, trends and best practices. Giarte hold presentations and workshops, facilitates workshops and organizes in-house brainstorming sessions for all levels of IT organizations.

About Giarte’s ITsat®

Giarte is active, both at a national and international level, in defining, measuring and improving User eXperience (UX) of services Corporate IT supplies to the business and the users and end users. Giarte gives support in the development and formulation of XLA’s (eXperience Level Agreements) to put the end user at the center. We seek the appropriate blend of hard and soft management variables and assist in testing the KPI effectiveness under stress. We use our ITsat® services to monitor and analyze the IT perceptions of more than 320,000 end users, including the client’s assessment of the quality of processes (ITIL) that impact users and end users. We develop and supply visual analytical tools to our ITsat clients for use in clarifying the causes of dissatisfaction (root cause analysis) and tracking the effect of improvement actions.


Outsourcing Performance is the annual comparative study of the quality of the relationships between client organizations (outsourcers) and their external service providers. The annual Outsourcing Performance benchmark study was launched in 2002. OP measures the perception on the client side of the market among the senior management such as CIOs and vendor managers. Service providers need information about the opinion of client organizations to improve themselves and the relationship with the client. Clients can also learn from OP best practices and cases. Giarte, in continuation of the research and analyses, supports both clients and providers who wish to elevate their cooperation to a higher level.



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