Giarte is a research and consultancy firm within IT services and IT (out)-sourcing. Giarte has been recording experiential knowledge and perception of IT services in business environments for more than 15 years. Giarte utilizes and delivers now 3 unique services:
  1. XLA®( Xperience Level Agreements)
  2. Amaze (measurement framework)
  3. Outsourcing Performance® (OP -sourcing benchmark).
Giarte is convinced of the strength of IT as the enabler of organizational innovation and growth. This is because IT is expected to continuously run deeper into the veins of every organization. IT determines the performance of all the organization's staff and operations.  IT provides for progress and continuous service improvements for both outsourcers and service providers.

What we deliver


Xperience Level Agreement is a mindset and toolbox to rethink enterprise IT. It applies design thinking to combine ‘tech’ and ‘touch’. Abstract drivers of success become tangible and manageable.

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AMAZE is an industry-standard measurement method, gaining user experience (UX) and IT provisioning (ITAM & ITSM) information. Amaze contributes to XLA by delivering organizations meaningful and actionable insights for continuous improvements and alignments.

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Outsourcing Performance

Giarte, with its leading and independent Outsourcing Performance benchmark study, has been researching the quality of the relationship between IT outsourcers and their IT service providers since 2002.

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